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i’ve never been a math person. i was the idiot in class who asked, “what are we ever going to use this for?” and thought i was being funny. logic was kind of cool and i like the whole, “if…, then…, therefore…” type stuff and once when we were doing graphs the teacher said that height could never be negative, and i said, “yea, we’d be upside down.” and he said, “whoa, man. that’s deep,” in that mocking, stoner voice, which made me laugh – ’cause it was true. but nope, i am not – and never was – a math person.

but lately, i’ve been reading alain badiou and, as i mentioned before, he likes math. i mean, looooves math. i can’t even get into it because i still don’t understand it. tonight, i picked up those sparks notes quick reference guides. basic math and geometry. it was pretty appalling how little i knew.

i’m curious to know how math fits into our everyday lives. since starting the book, i’ve noticed a change in my photography, the way i see things in a frame.


Written by Gabrielle

November 19, 2009 at 10:46 pm

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