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cultivating your geek cred: a primer

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here’s a collection of nerdirific stuff i’ve found. all but one i’ve come across recently. The State is an ode to my demented teen years. enjoy, fellow nerds.

Sound of Young America is a pop-culture radio show hosted by jesse thorn, an amusing comedian of sorts. MaximumFun appears to be the home base to Sound of Young America and a few other fun things, like the show’s blog and two other podcasts i havent listened to yet. they also have a yearly convention. busy guys.

Merlin's Logo - Courtesy of his pal, Dave Gray

Merlin Mann is a neo-marketer: a new crop of people talking about business practices. they’re weird and techy. they want to be hyper-human. organization and sparseness is important to them. merlin is the leader in minimalism. he  encourages people to obtain “inbox zero,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

with all his focus on order,  you wouldn’t believe how funny he is. but seriously, he’s hysterical. luckily, aside from his 43Folders podcast, an off-shoot of his business-tactics website he also has an irreverent podcast with his friends, You Look Nice Today. apparently, the three guys met on twitter and now have a long distance podcast. i was walking down the street listening to it on my ipod and was so embarrassed because i couldnt stop laughing to myself.

Someone had sent me a link to The Oatmeal‘s coffee comic. it was exactly the kind of comic i like; bold lines, solid colors, lots of empty space, careful attention to fonts. plus, it was about coffee. even his grammar comics are fun.

The State was this awesome sketch comedy show on MTV in the early-90s. watch it.

I’m so ashamed i never watched Futurama when it was on cable. now it’s back on comedy central and i don’t pay for tv. luckily, all the past seasons are ‘watch instantly’ on Netflix. basically this guy from 2000-and-something gets frozen until 1,000 years later. the characters are snarky and have good one-liners. it’s sci-fi  on mushrooms.


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